China Work Mission

I just arrived home from my trade mission in China.  I cannot put words to the emotions I felt leaving the orphanage after spending 5 days teaching the therapy staff how to problem solve and become better clinicians.   It was an absolutely amazing experience, one that I will never forget.  Not only did our group leave the staff with lots of new ways to treat their patients, but what I took home from them, as well as the kids, is indescribable.  My heart and family has grown bigger.
Please go here, to read my guest blog post that I wrote for the Children of China Pediatric Foundation while in Chengdu.

Here's a picture of a little boy I worked with in the orphanage.  He was unable to walk correctly and I helped modify these forearm crutches to fit him.  We had to retrofit the crutches- the orthotists sawed off the handle and glued it back on to make them shorter.   The day before we had practiced using them, so he could walk better.  The following day, when I arrived at the orphanage, he was at the door, showing off his new walking "sticks".  It literally brought tears to my eyes.

If you'd like to donate to the medical missions in Chinese Orphanages, please go to  You will be supporting more people like me who donate their time to help the children who are in need of more than just love and hugs.