Floor Time Play Baby Class and Testimonials

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I couldn’t be more thankful for Dr. Black hosting these floor time classes during the pandemic. As a new mom back in February I was struggling because my little one hated tummy time! Not only does Dr. Black provide sound insight on floor time she also provides a safe space for parents to ask questions and interact. Dr. Black’s Floor Time class has been a blessing during this time of social isolation.
-Jen and Kora (5 month old)

"My baby boy and I have really been enjoying Dr. Marita’s floor time class!!! We have learned a variety of ways to have fun while also maximizing his development through floor play! The class has been a great way to connect with other new moms during this pandemic, while also learning a lot! Dr. Marita is extremely knowledgeable, and she takes care in answering everyone’s questions and addressing individual concerns! "
-Liz F "mom of a 5 month old"

"Dr. Marita's classes have been a wonderful weekly time for me and my son to bond and for me to learn how I can make the most of our playtime. I've learned how to help my son develop the right muscles to help him strengthen his head control, and learn to roll. It is special time we look forward to each week!
-Laura C. "mom of a 6 month old"

"I loved the class you offered. I didn't know that it was important for baby's knees and feet to curl up toward the mouth...we've been doing the "kick" work you taught us and I see a difference in my daughter's exploration of her feet. Thank you!"
- Kristin "mom of a 13-week old"

"Dr. Marita creates a warm and supportive environment for new parents to learn. The floor play class teaches parents fun ways to maximize tummy time and floor play and make it enjoyable and enriching for baby. Each class, parents have an opportunity to ask questions and get non-judgmental advice from Dr. Marita as well as other parents. I definitely recommend this class to any new parent looking to bond with baby, connect with other new parents and learn new ways to enjoy floor play with your baby."
-Jen B. "mom of a 5 month old"

"Love these classes! Thank you so much for offering these during these unprecedented times!"
-K.B. "mom of a 4-month old"